Cat litter

Cat litter clumping baby powder scented 12 kg

  incl. VAT, € 19,95

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Cat litter clumping lemongrass scented 12 kg

  incl. VAT, € 19,95

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Cat litter silica coarse 10 ltr

  incl. VAT, € 23,49

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Cat litter silica fine clumping 17 ltr

  incl. VAT, € 38,99

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Cat litter silica medium 17 ltr

  incl. VAT, € 35,99

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Cat litter with health indicator 1.64 kg (approx. 3.8 litre)

The cat litter that warns when your cat is sick

  incl. VAT, € 10,95

Expected shipping date:
02 December 2023

Cat litter wood pellets 15 kg / 25 ltr

  incl. VAT, € 17,95

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